Some in NY Assembly want to make wildlife tournaments & derbies illegal

I knew it, it’s all about a rodent control issue in Holley, NY!!
“One hunter says events like the “squirrel slam” in Holley, are a benefit to communities by controlling populations that can easily become a nuisance. Raymond Cremhickie says, “The populations of small games such as squirrels…no one hardly hunts them anymore.”

FARMINGTON, NY (WROC-TV) – New York State Assembly Members working in Albany and based primarily in New York City, want to make it unlawful for anyone to hold contests or competitions involving hunting or fishing wildlife, for example, local derbies or events like the “squirrel slam”. Some of those in the area feel this is just more attempted overreach from the state.

John Blocechl, who has taken part in past fishing derbies, says events like that help to control wildlife populations and are a positive thing. “People who don’t participate in it are trying to legislate against it.”

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