#CuomoCorruptionInc – The aging of New York: How the population is growing older at a remarkable pace ??

Not growing older, the youth are fleeing horrendous fascism here. Out of control political corruption, unbearable taxing, unaffordable rents and housing.
The list is long. #CuomoCorruptionInc

Feb. 27, 2019

“The report reflects an ongoing problem in New York: Fewer people are moving in.

New York’s population between 2017 and 2018 fell faster than that of any state in the nation. It was one of only nine states to lose population, the U.S. Census Bureau said in December.

New York has dealt with an out-migration of residents to other states: More than 1 million left since 2010.

The only reason New York’s population decline hasn’t been worse is because of births and new immigrants.

Wednesday’s report noted that immigrants accounted for nearly 30 percent of New York’s 65-plus population and grew at nearly double the rate of U.S.-born older adults.

In fact, Rochester led in that category among large cities in New York: 46 percent of the city’s seniors are non-white, the report said.

But Rochester also had another distinction: The number of older adults in poverty grew 38 percent over the past decade, a rate higher than that of other New York cities.

Rochester has among the worst poverty in the nation.

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