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The Plan to Collapse Western Nation States by Forced Migration

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For some time now I have been giving “sneak peeks” for my readers into what I have been thinking about putting into my next novel, both in interviews and my periodic (free) newsletters.

It is time that I put these thoughts and plans on my blog. I welcome your comments.

What you see in this post is the worldview that will be reflected as background in my coming novels. My tales are images of the eternal conflict between good and evil.

My characters resist evil with courage and skill, sometimes with violence, often fighting against the odds. The new form of Global Conflict and the emergence of the Deep State as a powerful, dangerous part of government makes the stakes higher than ever. Link.

The core concept that frames my stories is that the world — our world— is at War, but a war NOT like WWI, WWII, and not even like Vietnam and the Cold War. It’s a war that is raging, causing death and carnage, but one that few fully understand, some conceal, and many deny.

Propaganda over News

This reality is denied and concealed by Fake News. The truth is that the old 4th Estate (and the trusted honest reportersof yore that kept government honest) is long gone.

Read more: http://blog.johntrudel.com/how-to-collapse-western-nation-states-forced-migration/

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