Schumer: Feds should give $1.2B for NYCHA immediately – NO They Shouldn’t 

Another effing problem started by #CUOMOCORRUPTIONINC when Cuomo was in charge of HUD!!!

Schumer: Feds should give $1.2B for NYCHA immediately

“Reciting a litany of chronic problems that plague NYCHA units across the five boroughs, including mold, broken boilers, leaky roofs and lead paint, Schumer said it’s time for HUD to “put your money where your mouth is.”

Why don’t you question #CUOMOCORRUPTIONINC why he authorized all this substandard construction!!!

“The city and the feds agreed at the end of last month to allow a federal monitor to oversee the embattled authority to fix long-standing conditions in NYCHA’s 326 developments.

The senator said the city and state shouldn’t have to come up with all the funding to address the authority’s $32 billion backlog, noting the city committed $2.2 billion over the next 10 years.” via @nypmetro

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