Have you heard about Marine Le Pen?

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Have you heard about Marine Le Pen?

She’s the leader of the Rassemblement National (or National Rally) party in France and she challenged Emmanuel Macron for the French presidency in 2017.

The media hate her. The European Union hates her. And most of all, advocates of open borders and mass immigration hate her.

Because Le Pen opposes mass Muslim migration, Le Pen is under constant threat of assassination by Muslim extremists.

Oh — did I mention it? Le Pen is wildly popular and regularly tops French opinion polls.

Le Pen doesn’t do a lot of media interviews. She knows what we know in Canada: most journalists aren’t neutral. They’re partisan and biased and unethical.

But she’s granted an exclusive interview with The Rebel’s Janice Atkinson. Here, take a look:

We are the only media organization you can trust to tell you the real story about Marine Le Pen and her National Rally party.

But we need your help.

Costs for two cameramen to accompany Janice, and an extra day of video editing, was about $1275. Plus professional translation from French to English for $300. Total cost: $1575.

If we were the CBC, we’d just throw another load of cash on the bonfire —but we don’t take a dime from the government — so we can give you the unfiltered story. I promise you, you will not see an interview like this one with Le Pen, anywhere else.

That’s the upside of being independent. The downside is, we need to fundraise for special opportunities like this.

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Ezra Levant

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