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The Democratic Promise of Ocasio-Cortez, Warren and Sanders

dsausa.org SOCIALISM! Economic power corrupts, and absolute economic power corrupts absolutely. emerged in American politics, one that holds concentrated wealth, and perhaps American capitalism itself, as inimical to the democratic society we want to build. The basic idea holds capitalism … Continue reading

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SAFE Act reloaded: NY decides 8 gun-control laws; here’s what could change

Who decides…disgruntled, malicious, vindictive or lefty ‘family or friend’s… “A “red flag” bill first proposed by Cuomo last year will set up a process where courts can issue orders to temporarily seize firearms from people considered at risk of harming … Continue reading

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Lawmakers May Go Further On Gun Control After Today

The most fascist State in the Union guts US Constitution, the NYS Constitution and both 2nd Amendment Rights… “The package of gun control measures that state lawmakers are set to approve today and Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to sign won’t … Continue reading

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