Repost: Why is Justin Trudeau hiding his involvement with George Soros?

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Here are some of the top stories on The Rebel from the past week:


Ezra Levant reports on the Canadian government refusing to disclose any details regarding Justin Trudeau’s dealings with billionaire globalist George Soros. In September 2016, the Trudeau government partnered with Soros’ Open Society Foundations to increase the number of “refugees” entering Canada. What exactly is the agreement?

To find out, we filed an Access to Information request. But we were told “no records were found” — which Ezra believes is a lie.


Sheila Gunn Reid brings you the entire crazy story of Justin Trudeau’s cottage upgrade. According to CBC, Trudeau ultimately paid the tab for a lavish sauna, but taxpayers were still stuck with a nearly $4,500 bill for wiring this behemoth.

But Access to Information documents Sheila acquired showed some fascinating findings, like how the Trudeau family didn’t even know how to use their sauna properly, plus the real reason the sauna wasn’t moved, as the PM had requested. (Hint: It wasn’t the cost).


Martina Markota explores the concept of “conformity” in the modern political climate. Asch’s Conformity Experiment shows that it only takes one person to challenge conformity, and empower others to do the same. It’s an inspiring discovery!


Amanda Head finds surprising common ground with the famous singer (and liberal) Cher. In a series of all-caps, emoji-filled tweets, the superstar performer told Democratic leaders to “let Trump have his” — expletive deleted — “money” to build the promised wall at the southern U.S. border.

Amanda points out that the tweets are hysterical and wrongheaded, but it’s still nice to know that she and a notorious Hollywood progressive can (more or less) agree on something.


Keean Bexte launched a new series that we’re calling Meet Alberta’s Destroyers, where we will report on all the crazy things NDP MLAs have said and done.

In his first video, Keean focuses on Rod Loyola, a Chavez-loving communist in Rachel Notley’s backbench.

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