Here Are The Advertisers Boycotting Tucker Carlson’s Show…The “TOO BIG TO FAIL” big pharma, car companies who’ve gotten tax dollars, BANKING INSTITUTIONS, political insiders (presidents of bowflex, indeed, minted, ancestry, just for men (is also big pharma), IHOP, career builder), ALL WITH ALLEGIANCES TO THE SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS!

The people who are IN CHARGE of these “institutions” are all socialist democrats.
Agenda you say? YOU BET!!!!

1) Pacific Life

2) Bowflex

3) Indeed

4) Minted

5) NerdWallet

6) SmileDirectClub

7) Voya Financial

8) (I cancelled 2 kits I had ordered for Christmas, use instead, a better company)

9) Land Rover (too expensive, not worth the cost)

10) Zenni Optical

11) IHOP (have boycotted IHOP for years now)

12) Just for Men

13) United Explorer credit card

14) ScotteVest

15) TD Ameritrade

16) CareerBuilder

17) SodaStream

18) Robitussin

19) Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

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