“Who was Stephen Paddock – the Alleged Las Vegas Shooter?” or How can a dead man shoot people in Las Vegas…Maybe the CIA and FBI should stop covert gun sales to terrorist groups.

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“Who was Stephen Paddock – the Alleged Las Vegas Shooter?” (By Robert David Steele).

A retiree, a successful real estate investor, a grandfather, a hunter and fisherman, pilot, and a former federal employee even. He had no motive to slaughter dozens – and dozens of his own demographic at that. He had no expressions of radicalism, racism, or complaints ( not true as far as left wing agendas nad gun hater) of remotely applied MK-Ultra mind/behavioral control conditioning like many mass shooters that come out of the “electromagnetic psycho-pharmaceutical” gulag as Professor Darrel Hamamoto terms the mass subversive conditioning of the public and youth. He seemed to be quite normal, except for one minor point of note. Much of the press snuck in a reference to his employment at a Lockheed Martin acquired company. What was that company? Morton-Thiokol, Inc (Thiokol).

Why is Thiokol significant? They are a defense contractor, and notably, they were the defense contractor that produced the faulty O-Ring that investigators blamed for the Challenger explosion in 1986. Stephen Paddock was employed at Thiokol during this period – not quite Lockheed.

This was the era of the bottomless SDI “Starwars” budgets that produced no publicly displayed outcomes, and which whistleblowers claimed were being diverted. This was the era of Projects Stargate and Grillflame, projects for the testing and development of electromagnetic weapons that can track, read, and manipulate the bioelectric signals of humans. This was the era of the space shuttle rising to prominence in deploying massive amounts of still classified military satellites. This was an era in which the untainted folks at NASA shone brightly after Vietnam.

This was a recipe for discomfort among deep state tyrants and oligarchs, who despise great people and organizations due to their uncompromised state which gives them the ability to display integrity and speak out against injustice.

Just as heroes like Pat Tillman and Chris Kyle had to go, the heroes at NASA had to be scared, because they were putting the pieces together of the era, from Stargate to SDI, to the massive number of domestically geosychronous spy satellites, and starting to realize that a massive surveillance grid was going up to track and target the biological systems of all humans – a terrible Orwellian nightmare that goes unexposed to this day. A tracking and weapons system paid for by the US taxpayer, that is now so ubiquitous that it can target our bioelectric signals (just as sophisticated as those that manage industrial control systems, or the hundreds of millions of mobile devices) gives the illusion that we live in a simulation and enables the unthinkable. But it is very real and has it’s remote and omnipresent roots in the massive “Igloo White” program in Vietnam.

The British intelligence allies of the US deep state chose to murder many of their SDI researchers who were grumbling and outraged, in the string of 20+ Marconi murders of the 1980s, to silence the living by using one form of the psychology of control. In the U.S., the Challenger was blown up to put the fear of God about talking into the hearts and minds of the living employees.

Thiokol, then Mr. Paddock’s employer, took the blame. One can only imagine the rumors going around about unusual procedures, or common procedures that were ignored, that led to the creation of the part that caused the Challenger tragedy when the shuttle program was already mature. While many methods are used, and cruel examples are made, to ensure the silence of those workers in the know – to preserve the rule by secrecy – they are still monitored routinely to make sure they are not speaking. Sometimes they or their families are arbitrarily attacked to brutally traumatize the others every now and then. The hyped journal of the deceased 1990s runaway that was publicized in the bestseller “Into the Wild,” was written by the son of an SDI satellite scientist…This was the period in which Stephen Paddock was employed at Thiokol, and his continued surveillance was certain. See the horror film “House” for a thematic representation of this.

Paddock left the company a few years later and built a successful, upper-middle-class life. The mainstream media decry this multi-millionaire Nevada retiree as a “degenerate gambler” because like many successful people in the area he would get $10,000 in chips to wager because he could afford it and that’s what keeps the beloved casino hosts happy that give out all the perks and special treats to good customers. He’s even blamed for the “sins of the father” due to the fact that his deceased father robbed a bank some decades ago and ended up on the FBI’s most wanted list after escaping from prison. So what happened in Vegas? Informed speculation and historical precedent make it pretty clear.

On September 28, 2017, Mr. Paddock – by himself – checked into a suite at the Mandalay Bay, likely at the invitation of a casino host with the temptation of having the suite “comped” – thus saving him the two-hour drive every day to Vegas. He then proceeds to gamble, as older Nevada retirees are liable to do. Things are going normally except for the fact that three days later, on Sunday October 1st, the crowds are a little larger than usual. There’s a country music concert scheduled nearby, and a Judge back in July 2017 scheduled that date to be the day the notorious O.J. Simpson would be released on parole in Nevada, so there were some national media crews staying in the area. Unbeknownst to Mr. Paddock, the Deep state had checked in as well. A crew of “reporters” that needed to store their big boxes of camera gear in their 32nd-floor room had checked in that afternoon. These black-operatives were preceded and succeeded by other corrupt deep state parties, for prior and subsequent surveillance (remote and physical), and to prepare for all contingencies.

On the evening of Sunday, October 1st, Mr. Paddock likely retired to his 32nd-floor room, by himself certainly, to freshen up for dinner and a second round of gaming. Unfortunately, he was met at the end of the hall, away from hotel elevator cameras, by two “reporters” leaving their neighboring room at a synchronized cue. Mr. Paddock was then forced by these corrupted deep state black operatives into his room, and bound and held for assassination closer to the shooting time. The deep state thugs then proceeded to move the weapons, formerly disguised in camera equipment trunks, into Stephen Paddock’s room while lookouts gave them the clear. The weapons included some owned by Mr. Paddock that were easily taken from his home that was 2 hours away from the Mandalay Bay, that he had vacated for 3 days. It was an easy thing to time with this man who had already been under intermittent deep state surveillance since his Thiokol days – a simple task to find the manpower for when you have 5 million with security clearances in the U.S. (and I repeat, most are good and admirable people just following orders without knowing the bigger picture. However, when you have such a large number with nearly bottomless budgets and virtually no oversight, a small percentage can be corrupted by secretive cliques that results in a cabal of 100,000s).

Once the concert gets going and the main act, headliner Jason Aldean, gets into his set, the windows are smashed out of Stephen Paddock’s room by these deep state assassins and a slaughter with many practical goals ensues. Many lookouts using sophisticated surveillance tools, ensure they can slip out. The corpse of Mr. Paddock is even manipulated to get gunpowder on the hands and resemble a suicide before they vacate and the local police enter.

We are left with a terrible massacre. The shooting had very practical aims, namely to demonize the rural Republican demographic in Nevada, just in time for the very public Bundy Ranch trial set to begin in mid-October 2017, in which a group of ranchers protesting the termination of their ancestral land rights after the Obama regime decided to forcibly remove and confiscate their cattle drew their guns, but never fired a shot. Public opinion, western newspapers, the Oregon judges, the new outlook under Trump, and the Nevada juries were all favoring the defendants. But then the terrible Mandalay Bay shootings happened. An individual that matches the rural Republican demographics of all the defendants was blamed as the shooter, while the victims, as country music followers, match the demographics of their most ardent supporters. Not only is the rancher’s supporter base now splintered, the jury pool is tainted as the court of public opinion has turned against the defendant’s. The trail can now go ahead to set a precedent for the absolute federal use of western lands. And this is happening in Nevada specifically, the location of the most secretive bases the deep state has – massive complexes that have tested and developed some of the most advanced military science the Cold War brought us (most of which still remains classified to this day), as the ruling cabal keeps an even wider buffer zone for the further expansion and concealment of its military-industrial complex infrastructure.

The massacre also reeks of masonic symbolism. The chosen location in front of the all-seeing pyramid symbol of the Luxor. The chosen 32nd floor, a number that represents the highest rank in many branches of Freemasonry (the secret society/agency that transmogrophied into the various deep state agencies, primarily after the JFK murder – a masonic King Kill ritual at the height of their numerical peak in the U.S.); the number given to the highway which runs in front of the NSA; the number given to the military court-martial code; the number given to the exit for the new George Bush tollroad in Texas; are among countless other incredible examples that could be provided.

The scene ultimately plays into the psychology of control and communicates, with hidden meaning and plausible deniability, to all officials, journalists, editors, and law enforcement members that have become wise to the signs of this deep state tyranny – because they have been corrupted by it or tortured into fear – that this is a sanctioned assassination and should not be investigated very thoroughly, or second-guessed. Furthermore, it strikes fear, and creates irrational obedience to this cabal, in the minds of the general public. What these poor people don’t realize is that by not uniting and legally speaking out against psychopaths, that they are just ensuring their increased weakness in the future – irrationally assuming that people who would do such deeds would be honorable with, or show gratitude to, those that remained silent. In fact, the deep state’s modus operandi shows that their helpers are purged once they can no longer help.

This tyranny can be peacefully and legally exposed, and the perpetrators can be brought to justice, but it will require strength in numbers through unity. We have the democratic majority on our side – the vast overwhelming majority at that – along with the force of law through the constitution; God; and truth. Similar atrocities have been overcome in the past: from women’s suffrage to civil rights; from asbestos to MK-Ultra (with the hearings of Senator Frank Church). We are up against military science that is the fruition of Eisenhower’s warning, and dirty little tricks and deception tactics that have been practiced for decades, but all this can be overcome by unity and simply being given a platform to prove the science. Congress is there to launch these types of investigations, and we must steadfastly push for this and not get caught up in the talking points of the week put forth by the gummy-bear corporate media to serve as a smoke-screen, and means of fracturing the people.” Cameron Freeman

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