She is delusional! Fw: Rochester’s Pioneering Role

This senile woman has to be removed from office! Xerox JUST announce firing 1000 people! During her reign, Monroe County lost thousands of jobs from Kodak, Baucsh and Lomb, Xerox and a dozen lesser manufacturers…Then she gerrymandered into an already depressed Buffalo area and destroyed what was left there….

This witch in her late 80″s early 90’s needs to be put out to pasture!!!!


Last week, I hosted a meeting at Google’s Washington, D.C. headquarters featuring Rochester’s two federally-sponsored manufacturing institutes—AIM Photonics and the REMADE Institute—and dozens of executives and industry leaders from companies like Amazon, General Electric, Microsoft, and others to talk about our community’s growing global role in advanced manufacturing.Some of the companies that attended are already members, and I hope they will expand our partnership. Some of them are considering joining these institutes. Others were learning about Manufacturing USA for the first time. I was very encouraged by the meeting and it is a good sign for the future of these institutes.

Rochester is helping pioneer our manufacturing world. We’re utilizing photonics – the science and application of light – to revolutionize nearly every aspect of our lives on everything from smartphones and laptops to needleless medical technologies that can monitor blood sugar levels with tiny cameras smaller than pills. If that weren’t exciting enough, the RIT-led REMADE Institute is tackling our nation’s most important opportunities to dramatically reduce materials and emissions associated with manufacturing. Together, these institutes are leveraging $750 million worth of investments and partnerships with hundreds of universities, national laboratories, and companies.

For years, I fought to create these institutes and bring them to Rochester because I understood that Monroe County could lead the world in photonics and efficient manufacturing while building the most advanced workforce anywhere. That’s exactly what we’re doing. With our two national institutes, we are positioned to be a center of innovation long into the future. This is progress I’m proud to have helped make happen.

At my meeting last week, I made it clear to the executives that Rochester is not just a good place to do business, it is the place to do business.

Louise M. Slaughter

P.S. – Watch me welcome industry leaders and talk about Rochester’s pioneering photonics role here:


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