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This is Breaking News and I want share with you first.

Project Veritas
This is Breaking News and I want share with you first.

A few moments ago, I released our third video in PV’s expose’ on Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh’s office and the scandal swirling around Deputy Attorney General Thiruvendran Vignarajah. You can watch this explosive video here.


In our first video, Vignarajah described his desires to ban all guns and revealed state secrets to the undercover Project Veritas journalist. The ethical violation concerns this statement we caught on video:

“The EPA suit, that won’t happen until later this week,” said Vignarajah to an undercover female reporter he was trying to impress in the first video of this series. “It will be really bad if somebody found out before the middle of the week.”

Project Veritas legal experts say Vinarajah likely violated the Maryland Rules of Professional Conduct when he leaked this story about his client, the state of Maryland, to our journalist.

{Rule 1.6(a)} says a:

“…lawyer shall not reveal information relating to representation of a client unless the client gives informed consent.”

In our second video, we caught Vignarajah on camera wasting taxpayer dollars by trying to hook up with a young woman he just met – despite being married.

Now we have our third video and it shows that we attempted to interview AG Frosh at a Bar Association fundraising dinner about the scandal but he was unwilling to provide a statement. Another attorney at the event accused PV journalists of being “a pain in the ass.”

The video also unveils an anonymous letter received by Project Veritas following the release of the first two videos in this series. While Project Veritas does not know who sent it, the letter appears to have been written by an employee of the Maryland Attorney General’s office.

The letter accuses a young woman “fresh out of law school” and Vignarajah of being lovers and says she was promoted ahead of more qualified people in the office.

“While in the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office he hired a young woman fresh out of law school, Kate Dorian, and put her in a position for which she was not yet qualified based on her lack of experience,” reads the beginning of the letter.

“She was only admitted to the Maryland Bar in December 2013 and she was placed in duties reserved for veteran prosecutors. It was a big joke within the rank and file prosecutors in the office because Dorian is Vignarajah’s lover (who knows if that will continue after the video expose just completed by PV).”

Between Vignarajah’s apparent violation of ethical guidelines governing his office, trying to arrange a tryst with a Project Veritas undercover female journalist even though he was married, presumably using taxpayer dollars to hire an unqualified woman with whom he has been accused of being romantically involved as indicated in this anonymous letter allegedly written by someone inside the Maryland Attorney General’s office, we can only wonder how long it will take before Frosh will be compelled to respond.

It is possible that the Maryland Attorney General will try to concoct some legal grievance against me, our undercover journalist or Project Veritas to divert attention from the scandal plaguing his office and drive up our legal costs as the price of exposing and spreading the truth about this important public issue.

To help prepare Project Veritas for any legal action that may be taken against me, our undercover hidden camera reporter or Project Veritas, please consider making a contribution in any amount today.

Your gift will help make it possible for Project Veritas to take risks we need to take on your behalf when we go up against powerful forces like the Maryland Attorney General’s office, unearth illegal or unethical behavior and then publicize what we learn.

Thank you in advance for your best gift today.

James O’Keefe

P.S. – Watch Part 3 of our undercover video first before it goes viral. It shows Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh refusing to comment on the scandals swirling around Deputy Attorney General Thiruvendran Vignarajah and his office. Please support Project Veritas with your contribution so we can continue exposing political corruption in Maryland and across the nation. Thank you.


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