James O`Keefe: I’m hiding out

Project Veritas
I had to slip out for a few minutes and send you this note.

I know it’s been some time since you’ve last heard from me, but I hope you’ve seen the work that I’ve been doing.

Compared to just a few short years ago, Project Veritas has gone from a small group of devoted volunteers and me to an army of undercover journalists who are shaping the national argument.

That brings me to why I’m in hiding right now.

On Saturday, we flew out 30 of our top citizen journalists for an intense training session on clandestine operations.

To protect the identities of our army of volunteers, we had to conduct our training in a secret location.

While I’ve been doing undercover work for years now and consider myself “good” we wanted to learn from the best — so we brought in the best from the covert departments of the military.

Our trainers have a combined 50 years of special operations and intelligence experience and know how to get any type of information from any individual or organization.

While the establishment media is relying on hunches and their tenuous connections to get a story, I wanted to send in our citizen journalists armed with the best training possible to dig and get the facts of a story directly.

But of course this comes with an expense.

While our military trainers have basically volunteered their time, Project Veritas had to cover the airfare and accommodations of each of our 30 journalists for four days.

The cost per attendee is $1,250 — which includes the private location that keeps us out of view from curious eyes.

We took great lengths not to reveal their identities before they went back into the field.

I’d greatly appreciate it if you could make a donation right now and help us offset the cost of this incredibly important training event.

As I’ve proved to you in the past, each dollar you donate pays incalculable dividends with government funded programs shut down; corrupt politicians sent packing; and countless bureaucrats relieved of their positions.

You can choose to sponsor one undercover journalist with a donation of $1,250 or you can simply sponsor some expenses for one of our military trainers for $25. Any amount helps cover the burden of this expense.

Please take a moment and donate now and stay tuned for updates on our next release.


James O’Keefe
Project Veritas


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