Where is the central point of North America? Balta in Pierce County, North Dakota

The name Balta has the following meaning: Small hill. Also means “the son of *Talmai“. Also has the meaning of “a son that suspends the waters”.


Balta, North Dakota
Downtown Balta, North Dakota.JPG
Location of Balta, North Dakota
Location of Balta, North Dakota
Balta, North Dakota is located in North Dakota Balta, North Dakota
Balta, North DakotaLocation within the state of North Dakota
Coordinates: 48°10′2″N 100°2′12″W

*Talmai meaning:

The name Talmai may mean My Furrow, or it may be a kind of ethnonym: The Talmite, or The Furrow Man. It may also have to do with a plural form (as demonstrated in Hosea 10:4 and 12:12): Furrows.
Taking the word telem from tel, the name Talmai may also mean My Mount or Hill Man.
For a meaning of the name Talmai, NOBSE Study Bible Name List goes with the ethnonym and reads Plowman. Jones’ Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names sees a plural and reads Abounding In Furrows.

*The name Talmai in the Bible

There are two men named Talmai in the Bible:

  • The first Talmai we meet is one of three sons of Anak, and patriarch of the corresponding subdivision of the Anakim (Numbers 13:22). Talmai’s brothers are Ahiman and Sheshai, and they live in Hebron before the Israelites begin their invasion of Canaan. Joshua drives them out of Hebron (Joshua 15:14) and the tribe of Judah kills them (Judges 1:10).
  • The other Talmai is a son of Ammihud and king of Geshur, as well as the father of Maacah, who became one of David’s wives and the mother of Absalom and Tamar (2 Samuel 3:3). After killing his half-brother Amnon, Absalom flees to his grandfather Talmai and stays there three years (2 Samuel 13:37).

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