Non-organic wheat-based food products may be poisoning you with glyphosate

The Health Ranger Before we get to today’s important story on how wheat products (breads, pastries, pasta, etc.) are routinely contaminated with cancer-causing glyphosate herbicide, I have to chime in on something else.

I have publicly condemned the American dentist who killed Cecil the Lion as part of his “trophy hunting” escapades using a crossbow to kill intelligent, conscious animals like lions and rhinos.

“Trophy hunting” is an abhorrent, despicable activity, and I want you to join in the effort to send a message to this dentist that murdering beautiful animals in Africa does NOT make you a big man!
Read the full story here (warning, some profanity)

Now, for the main story, did you know that your wheat-based foods are often doused with toxic glyphosate weed killer?

If you’re eating non-organic wheat products such as breakfast cereals and breads, you’re probably eating cancer-causing glyphosate!
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The scientist responsible for WHO stating that glyphosate may cause cancer, now says RoundUp is 1,000 times more toxic than glyphosate alone:

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Neil Young has taken up the cause by directly challenging Monsanto with his new album and pledging $100,000 in proceeds to Vermont’s cause – labeling GMOs:…

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