Hamlin, New York – Violent Home invasion victim: “I was targeted”

Updated: Thursday, July 23 2015, 07:39 PM EDT

Hamlin, N.Y. – Two Rochester men are facing charges for a violent home invasion and robbery in Hamlin Wednesday night.

Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies said John Goodman and Jordan Conyer broke into a home on Lake Road around 5:30 p.m.

Deputies said Leah Kelso fought off two intruders with a gun and nearly lost her right ear in the process.

“In my head, I was just waiting for that gun to shoot off,” Kelso said.

Kelso described the beating she took from Goodman as he burst through the door and she reached for her cell phone.

“I went to go grab it and the dude standing behind him had the gun in his hand and he just went and hit me in the back of the face and there was blood gushing everywhere,” Kelso said.

Kelso said she then ran upstairs, where they followed her and hit her again, throwing her into a TV that broke into pieces.

When she tried to run, police said Goodman and Conyer punched Kelso and threw her to the ground.

“They were gunning my boyfriend down while the other guy went and got the money from my room,” Kelso said. “That’s when I seen the door was open and I tried to make a run for it and come outside.”

Kelso said she was able to get outside and scream for help. Her neighbors, having dinner, heard her screams.

“It scared the living tar out of me,” neighbor Debbie Parlow said.

The suspects were allegedly parked in Parlow’s driveway. Another neighbor, Chris Cramer, said it appears the men were staking out the house from across the street. He asked them to leave the area.

“They moved and they were parked over here and they stayed there for a couple of hours,” Cramer said. “They were watching the place all day long.”

Kelso said she may have known Conyer as a friend of a former friend. Still, she’s not quite sure why they targeted her.

“[Maybe] because I have money saved up…I don’t know who would have told them,” Kelso said. “I don’t go out anymore; I stay home and work.”

Kelso said her ear was so badly torn, paramedics thought it was severed. They had to search in the hallway for missing pieces.

Kelso said the men fled the scene and ran into a car that sped away. She was able to run after them, call 911 and give a description of it and where it was headed.

Investigators later found the men and stolen money on Redmond Road.

Both Goodman and Conyer face robbery, burglary and assault charges.

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