BlogTalkRadio Reminder: The Best of Lt. Colonel Allen B. West Radio Guest

Just a reminder, the show “The Best of Lt. Colonel Allen B. West Radio Guest” by Voices of Global Freedom is starting soon.

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The Best of Lt. Colonel Allen B. West Radio Guest

By Voices of Global Freedom

June 20, 2015 – 07:00:00 PM EDT
120 Minutes

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PLEASE SHARE: Episode #317: Backpack and Yoda hosts of Voices of Global Freedom are privileged and proud to interview Lt. Colonel Allen B. West (Ret.) on Saturday June 20, 2015 at 4pm PDST.

“Colonel West will provide our audience up to date analysis of news you can use”, said Janorama of our sister magazine, the millions circulated “Colonel West provides factual evaluations not found in the main stream tabloid media.” Learn more at:

Colonel West will educate our audience about national security, foreign policy and the global war against radical Islam and other threats to America. He is the President and CEO of National Center for Policy Analysis:

Don’t miss this lively, high energy, entertaining, informative show covering current threats to our liberty, actionable tactics and strategies to survive and thrive in these dangerous troubled times.

Call in ask questions: (646) 652-4667

Voices of Global Freedom archives:

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