Dear Carl….Sincerely, James Tresmond Jr.

Thanks James…

Dear Carl,

I am so disappointed in what the media in Buffalo is doing right now. This is a great injustice to you, one of the only true advocates that fights for the best interests of the community of Western New York. Feel free to post the below comment wherever you’d like.

James Tresmond Jr.

It is absolutely outrageous that they are holding Carl Paladino’s feet to the fire for this comment. Listen, watch the original video yourself and you will understand that he was simply stating that in America it’s outrageous our universities will sponsor and pay for foreign students before our own. It’s necessary to look for intent rather than just smear a person based on a quote taken out of context. “Damn asians” was clearly an indelicate colloquial way of expressing frustration against the fact that the schools are subsidizing foreigners instead of Americans. It’s a simple fact that over 90% of these foreigner subsidized students are Asian (mostly Chinese and Indian). It was clearly intended to show frustration at the makers of the policy — not the race of people. If you listen to the original video, it’s crystal clear he is talking about the fact of the geographical location of these people outside of the United States — not their race. It could have been any group of people that are not American born. There was no hatred or ill will in the infliction of his voice while stating this. The expression comes out wrong when taken out of context but it was merely a way of showing displeasure against the idea of helping out foreign born individuals instead of Americans. The quote is also taken from an interview when Carl is trying to collect words in a passionate fiery way to express frustration against the policy. He was trying to continue the flow in the interview as quickly as possible and chose a wrong word choice as this was impromptu. It’s important to note that before most of these interviews with politicians for the media, the interviewer encourages the politician at hand to speak in a fiery and passionate manner. It’s very easy for a somewhat indecent word choice to slip in such cases. The media in Buffalo should be doing the right thing, and that is not trying to smear a successful lawyer, developer, and politician who cares about the Western New York community. This is a smear campaign rather than a revelation about Carl’s true feelings. Try to name one businessman that has contributed more to the Western New York Community over the years in the legal, entrepreneurship, and development sector and I guarantee you, you won’t find one. –

James Tresmond Jr.


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