The Distorted Truth.. Biker Victims of Waco

This is just sickening what this government is doing….stand strong!


Distorted MC is a new mom and pop motorcycle club in Texas. “Mom and Pop” means they are family oriented, all very close knit and loving and most club events are okay to bring the whole family. They are proud of their seven members and five ol ladies, who spend one hundred percent of their club time and money doing things to help children in need, clothes drives toy runs, and sponsoring families at Christmastime. The fact that this MC is very much NOT one of the hardcore clubs is that it allows women to become full patch wearers. Everyone in the biker community knows that women absolutely never under any circumstances are allowed to join clubs such as the Bandidos or the Hells Angels. That MC stands for “men’s club” in their opinions. Distorted is indeed a baby club, born only six months ago. They hadn’t even had time…

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  2. Bullright says:

    Thanks for putting this up. Sure enough don’t see anyone speaking up for the innocent ones, except Wicked Bitch and she seems to be getting guff for it….like get used to it. A week is plenty long enough to sort it out. This is reading pretty bad.


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