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Minutemen News: Army Officer: We Will Pry Your Guns From Your Cold, Dead Fingers

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IRS Using Google Maps to Spy on Taxpayers Read this article → Top Stories View All Top Stories → Obama: Iran Needs to Keep Nuclear Program for its “Dignity” Read this article →…

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Secret The TPP trade deal is a threat to all Americans.

The TPP trade deal is a threat to all Americans. It hands powerful corporations global monopolies on seeds, medicine and more. Many fear the TPP could criminalize seed saving, medicinal herbs and superfood supplements. Strangely, Republicans are allied with Obama … Continue reading

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Disobey! It’s coming

Featured Story Disobey! Read this article… Top Stories DEVELOPING: Iran Issues NEW WARNING To The U.S. Read this article … Obama Just Said THIS about Iran months after saying it’s off terrorist list! Read this article … Allen West Op-Ed … Continue reading

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Uni Diversity Officer: An Ethnic Woman Can’t Be Racist or Sexist To White Men

NOW President Slams Obama for ‘Sexist’ Treatment of Warren 5.13.2015 News Bradford Thomas COULTER: What Will the G.O.P. Cave on Next? 5.13.2015 Commentary Ann Coulter Test Case for Deradicalization Fails 5.13.2015 News Mark Tapson Petition Demands AP Scrub ‘Skeptic’ From … Continue reading

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