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Brutal Honesty: This Is The Video About Racism They Don’t Want You To See

May 2, 2015 by Mac Slavo Though Americans were under the impression that race would improve after the election of a half-black man as President of the United States, the last eight years have witnessed a firestorm of assumptions, accusations, … Continue reading

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text size SAFE Act: Missing The Mark? Updated: Thursday, April 30 2015, 11:29 PM EDT East Rochester, N.Y. – After the New York SAFE Act took effect on April 15, 2013, gun shops across state stopped selling gun magazines that … Continue reading

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AGAIN: Snopes is a Disinformation Operation Website

http://worldtruth.tv/snopes-is-disinformation-operation/ Do you ever ask yourself one question.. why does Snopes say many of the alternative media articles are false and tries to discredit them? I mean who is ‘Snopes’? and why do people base their judgement on a website … Continue reading

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