Project Veritas: Our Student Journalist Allowed to Graduate!!!

Project Veritas
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Around the time I finished writing this email, there was a new development regarding Laura’s case. Be sure to read the P.S. section at the bottom for the latest update.
It’s been a tough battle, but because of your support, our undercover journalist Laura WILL be allowed to graduate at the same time as the rest of her class this May. If you recall, Laura is the honor student who went undercover at Barry University showing just how far their faculty would go toward establishing a club which would provide material support to the terrorist group ISIS. Following the release of the video, University officials went after Laura instead of their own staff members, unfairly threatening her ability to graduate.

This email confirms that Laura will be allowed to graduate when she has completed the rest of her required coursework and successfully defends her thesis. This couldn’t have happened without you!

When Barry University went after Laura, they suspended her pending an unjust hearing and wouldn’t even allow her on campus. As I informed everyone, this would deny her the ability to finish her required course work, so we hired an attorney to act on her behalf. When I say we hired an attorney, I mean all of us. Without your generous gifts to Project Veritas to pay for Laura’s gifted legal counsel, it’s highly unlikely Laura would have been able to work out her situation with school administrators.

As a matter of fact, Laura’s attorney told us that the university never would have come to their senses without all the pressure YOU applied to Barry with social media, phone calls and emails. Laura and I are at a loss for words because of your incredibly strong show of support. Thanks so much.

Completing her academic requirements shouldn’t be too tough for our 4.0 GPA student who was recently recognized as Barry’s top communication student for her graduating class. Her thesis is so appropriate for the situation, too. The title is The Effect of Media on Political Decision-Making, Attitudes, and Behavior in the U.S.

Because of your financial assistance, not only were we able to support Laura’s legal expenses, but Project Veritas is now able to hire her as a full-time investigative journalist! Just imagine what she will be capable of with your continued financial support.

Because of you – your tweets, your emails, your telephone calls and your critical donations at just the right time — Laura won’t be unjustly punished for exposing the truth on video. We’ve also got to thank all of the supportive members of the conservative media who stepped in on this issue, especially Sean Hannity, who worked with us to launch one of our very successful Twitter campaigns to support Laura.

At Project Veritas, we will continue to expose corruption, duplicity, cronyism and the waste of your tax dollars as our primary mission. Maintaining a full-time staff of investigative journalists, editors, producers and other media staff is an expensive endeavor, though. Fortunately, it’s tax deductible so you can make your money go quite a long way with your donation. At Project Veritas, we pride ourselves in providing some of the best bang-for-the-buck, but we can’t do it without your support.

Thanks for everything you did for Laura!



P.S. DEVELOPING: Laura just texted the office this morning to let us know that she had two flat tires and the passenger side of her car had been keyed. They found a nail in each flattened tire. We instructed her to immediately file a police report. Anyone who would do this to a student is beneath contempt.

P.P.S. I’ve mentioned this before, but this seems an appropriate time to bring it up again: We’d really like to be able to send 100 people like Laura out in the field. Please consider making a tax deductible financial contribution today so we can greatly expand our work.


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