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Thought maybe you could post a blurb about this ….. they are looking for a nose count — if we can get people to give just $1 it adds to the number of supporters, which will help them get distribution. Makes sense that it would be easier to get distribution for something that has generated a lot of interest.

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Here’s an update for you from the ‘Gosnell Movie’ team:

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Dear Gosnell Movie Supporter,

You helped us to take a very big production step last week, we had a table reading of the Gosnell Movie script with volunteer actors playing the various roles.

One of our actors couldn’t finish her last line of dialogue because she had broken down crying, the actor beside her, had to read the line.

“The prosecution rests.”

Thanks to all of you, we are getting to tell this story. There is still more work to be done on the script, getting the balance right between making a watchable movie and telling the horrors is important and it takes time. We are working very hard on it. Your prayers and letters and emails are a wonderful emotional support.

Many of you have donated again and again, and there are so many new supporters. Please accept our deepest appreciation. For anyone who wants to donate again or encourage friends to donate just click here GOSNEL MOVIE

There are two numbers that matter, first the dollars matter, more than $40,000 has been donated since we reopened the campaign, it’s a great start. Movie making is expensive.

The second number that is vital is the number of supporters we have, it’s what distributors are interested in, right now we are at 27,487, we need to grow that number and you can help us do that. Everything you do matters, if everyone could find one friend to give $1 we could have 50,000 supporters, we really need that number.

thank you always,




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  1. Contributed when this campaign started, and just shared it again on FB. My pro-choice friends will be furious, I’m sure!


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