Shine – Hitlers Never Die

20 Mar 2012 11:48 AM PDT

Shine – Hitlers never die

Dr. Haim Shine..
Israel Hayom..
20 March ’12..

Israeli authors, former Mossad and Shin Bet agents, economists and various cultural figures are terrorizing Israeli society and Israel’s leadership. With their ample talent, they are painting an apocalyptic picture of the day Israel decides to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. In efforts to convince the public, they have enlisted an arsenal of empty arguments, reminiscent of the dismissive arguments once used to trivialize the threat posed by Hitler and the Nazi regime.

You have to be pretty dense, naive and superficial to close your eyes and assume that Iran’s threats are empty and that their only interest in splitting atoms is to illuminate Tehran with a plethora of nuclear-powered lights.

Like any Israeli citizen, my hope is that a military strike on Iran will not be necessary. Anyone who has ever fought in a war, been seriously wounded, or buried good friends knows all too well the price of war, no less (and perhaps more) than playwrights and authors who may have read a book on a war, or seen a movie. I hope that the sanctions and international pressure will succeed in convincing the ayatollahs to abandon their nuclear aspirations, which aim, according to their own declarations, to destroy the Zionist entity known as the state of Israel.

You would have to be rather stupid and irresponsible to undermine Israel’s stern warnings to Iran. The attempt to convince the Israeli public not to support an attack in Iran is exactly what will make the Iranians stiffen their stance and, ultimately, leave us with no other choice than to attack. The degree of determination among the Israeli public on diplomatic and security issues greatly affects the policies of our Arab neighbors, both near and far. The resilience demonstrated by Israeli citizens is a strategic weapon – anyone who tries to weaken Israelis is harming Israel’s security.

My mother is a Holocaust survivor who survived Auschwitz. Many of her family members, among them several young children, were with her on the ramp at Birkenau and were taken to the crematoria to rise to the heavens in a storm of fire and ashes with millions of their sisters and brothers. From the dawn of my youth, my mother taught me that being Jewish is, among other things, to be ready for extermination at any given time. The hatred of Jews appeared first in the world in the times of Pharaoh and Amalek, and didn’t end with the fall of Hitler and the Third Reich.

My mother insists that the Hitlers of the world never die. They re-emerge in every generation in one form or another, speaking different languages and using different means to realize the same goal – exterminating the Jews. The state of Israel has no choice – the entire reason for its existence is to ensure the safety and future of the Jews. We returned to the land of Israel to build and be built. We came home, and we are obligated to protect our home. We don’t have the luxury of relying on others to do that job for us.

It has been proven before that no one really cares what happens to the Jews. As an Israeli citizen, I rely on my government and the Israel Defense Forces to take the necessary steps to eliminate the Iranian nuclear threat. The IDF has enough talent and capability to take care of it. When someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first, our sages taught us. After 2,000 years we can carry out their will. Let us not be too late.



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