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Truth Report: Obama Moves On Gun Control Without Congress

Ben Shapiro: First They Came for the Jews 2.27.2015 Videos Ben Shapiro Department of the Internet 2.27.2015 News Brian Lilley Obama Moves On Gun Control Without Congress 2.27.2015 News Brian Lilley Sharpton Meets with Obama 2.27.2015 News Bradford Thomas VIDEO: … Continue reading

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PHOTOS: Bound and blindfolded then thrown off a high building to die on rubble below: ISIS savages murder another ‘gay’ man…then mob swarm to pelt the corpse with rocks

What’s it going to take? How much more of this will civilized people endure? Where are the gay rights organizations? Busy attacking Republicans. Madness. Our gay rights president couldn’t be reached for comment — too busy texting Reggie Love or … Continue reading

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James O’Keefe: New Video: My Sharpton Confrontation on Camera

In my last email I promised to update you on the latest news on our Al Sharpton story. And I have more great news to share with you now. For starters, I’ve included a second Sharpton video that I released … Continue reading

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Dhimmitude… Part of ObamaCare Bill – What Does It Mean?

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New Word For The Day – “Dhimmitude” – What Does It Mean? Obama used it in the health care bill.  It was specifically spelled out in one of the original drafts of the ObamaCare bill (page…

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