James O’Keefe releases new undercover video showing Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown supporters being critical of Al Sharpton

SEE VIDEO: http://thepunditpress.com/2015/02/24/james-okeefe-releases-new-undercover-video-showing-eric-garner-trayvon-martin-and-michael-brown-supporters-being-critical-of-al-sharpton/


Here is the new report from Project Veritas that controversial investigative reporter and activist James O’Keefe feels could put his life in danger.
In this new video, undercover Project Veritas agents spoke with the families and attorneys of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown about Rev. Al Sharpton. Some of the people who spoke to Project Veritas revealed they think Sharpton exploits tragedy for his own personal gain.
Garner’s daughter, Erica Snipes, was interviewed by a Project Veritas undercover investigator posing as a supporter of Garner during a protest at the St. George Ferry Terminal on Staten Island.
Project Veritas investigator: “You think Al Sharpton is kind of like a crook in a sense?”
Snipes as she is rubbing her fingers together: “He’s about this.”
Project Veritas investigator: “He’s about money with you?”
Snipes: “Yeah.”
In the video, Snipes is also very critical of the Staten Island director of Sharpton’s National Action Network, Cynthia Davis.
Snipes: “She started attacking me. ‘Oh, I see that you got this flier out, how come you didn’t add the logo?’ ’’
Project Veritas investigator: “They want their logo on your fliers?”
Snipes refering to Sharpton: “Instead of me, he wants his face in front.”
Project Veritas investigator: “But it’s not about them, it’s about your dad.”
Snipes: “Exactly. Al Sharpton paid for the funeral. She’s trying to make me feel like I owe them.” she adds.
When asked about her comments in the video, Snipes denied that she said Sharpton was all about the money.
“No, I didn’t say that I think Al Sharpton is all about the money,” Snipes said, while standing by her criticism of Davis.
In response to the Project Veritas video, Sharpton said the group is “exploiting” Snipes.
“They’re splicing and dicing stuff together. It was a distortion. Erica is a sincere victim. She was not trying to infer anything with me,” Sharpton said.
“A member of O’Keefe’s team spoke with the late Eric Garner’s oldest daughter, Erica, on a brisk January evening in Staten Island. Garner did not hold back when asked about Sharpton’s involvement, stating: “he’s about the money.”
“Garner (Erica Snipes), who has become a passionate champion for social change following the death of her father, accused Sharpton and his National Action Network of “attacking” her for not giving them credit; and trying to capitalize on her father’s death.
“Garner (Erica Snipes) was visibly angered at Sharpton and the National Action Network. Indeed, rather than help, Garner (Erica Snipes) felt as if Sharpton and NAN were trying to take advantage of her,” Project Veritas said about Snipes’ comments in the video.
In the video, Sharpton is also criticized by leaders and supporters involved in the Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin shooting cases.
“He knows how to make money and get money. They’re shakedown guys to me. You know, let’s call it what it is, they’re shakedown,” Jean Petrus, a Brooklyn businessman who attended a recent Trayvon Martin Foundation fund-raiser in Florida, said in the video.
When asked about his comments, Petrus said he considers himself a “friend of Sharpton” and did not consent to be interviewed by Project Veritas.
“It was an entrapment situation. It’s really underhanded,” Petrus said.
Bishop Calvin Scott of Believers Temple in Ferguson said in the video that Sharpton “incites people for the wrong reason.”
“To some degree, he sort of incites people for the wrong reason.
“I’m in the gathering. He got them all fired up. But I just sense this is not the way you want to go,” Scott said.
Sharpton dismissed the criticism, saying he went to Ferguson at the request of Brown’s family
“I condemned the violence in Ferguson,” Sharpton said in response to the comments made in the Project Veritas video.
“Sharpton’s perception of himself is a far cry from how he is perceived by the families and communities he thrust himself upon.
“By all accounts, Sharpton appears to be abusing the bully pulpit given to him by MSNBC to capitalize on tragedies.
“It was quite apparent from the number of individuals we spoke to that Sharpton views tragedies as opportunities, and that he is willing to do whatever it takes to further his personal agenda,” O’Keefe said.

SEE VIDEO: http://thepunditpress.com/2015/02/24/james-okeefe-releases-new-undercover-video-showing-eric-garner-trayvon-martin-and-michael-brown-supporters-being-critical-of-al-sharpton/

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