2015 DHS Lexicon

New Edition of Homeland Security’s “Risk Lexicon”

A DHS report defines 123 terms related to homeland security strategies, programs, efforts and activities. The new document, which updates the original lexicon released in September 2008, includes 50 new terms and definitions and updated definitions for 23 original terms from the 2008 edition.

“Developing terms, definitions, extended definitions, annotations, and examples is accomplished through a RSC working group known as the Risk Lexicon Working Group, which is open to all Department of Homeland Security Components,” according to theGovMonitor.com. “Definitions are validated against glossaries used by other countries and professional associations.”

The aim of the lexicon is: to promulgate a common language; improve communications for the department and its partners; facilitate the clear exchange of structured and unstructured data; and garner credibility “by providing consistency and clear understanding with regard to the usage of terms by the risk community.”

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