VIDEO: Former Secret Service Agent Blasts Obama and Calls Him ‘A Petulant Child’!

He is outraged that the secret service was blamed by White House for Paris no show!


Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino blasted President Obama’s decision to blame security concerns for his decision not to attend an anti-terrorism rally in Paris.

“He knows there’s nothing the Secret Service can say. They don’t want to hurt the relationship so as a matter of decorum they can’t say anything,” Bongino said. “I imagine what they’re really thinking is, ‘Is this guy serious?’ It’s not an easy job. After the fence-jumper, morale’s not great over there now,

but he still says something that is so obviously not true.”

‘A PETULANT CHILD’: Former Secret Service Agent Blasts Obama For Blaming Service For Skipping Paris March
Daily Caller






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