Bug infestation in child’s stuffed animal

Bug infestation in child’s stuffed animal

Tuesday, February 10 2015

PORTLAND, Ore. (KATU) — A local mom wants other parents to check their children’s stuffed toys for signs of insects, after she discovers bugs in her daughter’s toy. Kinley is almost three years old, and loves her Cozy Hugs microwavable stuffed animal.

But her mom, Kamren Weiler, said a tear in the animal’s leg seam exposed a stomach-turning surprise: an infestation of bugs inside the toy.

“She went to sleep with it and played with it and had it in her bed,” said Weiler, who lives in Amity, “Yeah, it’s really gross.”
The toy was labeled as a “soothing, microwavable aromatherapy” product, filled with wheat and lavender.

If you heat the animal in the microwave, it emits an aroma of lavender and retains warmth. But the wheat filling also appears to attract bugs, in this case, most likely grain weevils, according to the Oregon Department of Agriculture.
Weiler said she dumped out the contents of the stuffed animal and saw what appeared to be hundreds, if not thousands, of moving insects. “I looked over at it on the counter and there were bugs all over it, just crawling,” said Weiler.

She scooped the toy, wheat and insects into a plastic bag and sealed it.
When the Problem Solvers visited her home, some bugs were still alive, crawling on the toy and in the grain. “My first reaction was, this is really gross. And then my second reaction was, I tore my daughter’s whole room apart,” said Weiler. “Where could those bugs have gone. In her shirt, in her clothes?”

Weiler is not the first parent to find insects in this brand of toy.

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'Really gross!' Mom finds bugs infesting daughter's stuffed animal

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