Video: British Halal Slaughterhouse Of Horrors Exposed

Not just the UK, right here in American slaughter houses… it is why the taste of the meats have changes because of the ear hormone the animal secrets.

ary 03, 2015

Video: British Halal Slaughterhouse Of Horrors Exposed

A halal slaughterhouse in Britain has been caught “hacking” and “sawing” at the throats of unstunned sheep. Muslim ritual slaughterers wearing the traditional Muslim kufi skullcap and muttering the words ‘Allahu Akbar’ were recorded on hidden camera allegedly abusing the animals. Animal welfare campaigners said they know risks of stirring up anti-Muslim feeling in England but said that “withholding release of the footage would be a betrayal of our key mission to expose and combat animal cruelty.” The alleged abuse is bad, but by way of comparison is not as severe as the abuse at Agriprocessors glatt kosher slaughterhouse a decade ago in Iowa.

You can read the full Daily Mail report here.

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