Americans Show in Force at Secret Texas Muslim Event

Media denied access to attend ‘Stand with the Prophet’ conference
(Tea Party Exclusive) – Hundreds and hundreds of free speech lovers showed up in Texas to join the protest against the ‘Stand With The Prophet’ conference.
Robert Spencer noted on Jihad Watch:

Despite the media’s smear attack on those of us who are standing for freedom, we were unbowed. Today in Garland, Texas, thousands of freedom-loving Americans took a stand for the freedom of speech. Block after block, row after row, Texan after Texan, American after American, said No to the restrictions against free speech as mandated under Islamic law (Sharia). Leaders of the Muslim community in America held a conference in support of Muhammad and the restriction of “Islamophobic” speech — working for the same goal as that which was held by those who killed twelve people at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris last week.

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Just prior to the rally, Pamela Geller’s website, Atlas Shrugs, went down under a DDoS attack. On January 16th, she noted on her FaceBook page:

You did not receive your daily Atlas email update today because the website has been under a massive DDoS attack. Our Islamic Jew hatred ads in San Francisco have gotten huge national and international press. Further, our free speech rally this weekend countering the “Stand with the Prophet” anti-free speech “Islamophobia” summit in Garland, Texas has roiled the enemies of truth and freedom. They’re out for blood.

Here are some videos, pictures and tweets of the event:
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