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Carl Palidino: Important Message re: the NY SAFE Act

portant Message re: the NY SAFE Act. Today is the two year Anniversary of the SAFE Act. Senator Nozzolio introduced a “Repeal” Bill last week. Nozzolio and his co-sponsors know that this is only an attempt to appease their constituents—it … Continue reading

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U.S. schoolchildren taught to fight intruders with soup cans as kinetic weapons

It sounds really bizarre, but it’s true: U.S. schools are teaching children to carry cans of soup as weapons, with instructions to hurl the cans at terrorists or school shooters. In effect, middle school children are being taught to stand … Continue reading

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Turncoat Republicans ready to tax again

It doesn’t seem to matter which side of the aisle a politician sits, as they just want to tax. These morons only cut spending “symbolically,” as they then lop off other slice of muscle from the body politic. No sooner … Continue reading

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