Obama & de Blasio —- Now Is the Time to Lead — not!

By Ronn Torossian

Key leaders missing in action — and putting citizens’ lives in jeopardy.


To most Americans, the sky is blue, the Brooklyn Bridge is not for sale, and we learn the ABC’s in pre-school. Similarly, The West is at war with radical Islam, and New York’s chief executive must stand with and support the New York City Police Department. Unfortunately, President Obama and New York City Mayor de Blasio live in an alternative universe than the rest of us. Beta-males Obama and de Blasio are respectively governing our country and America’s largest city during trying times; and they are failing miserably during this deep and dangerous crisis.

Leadership demands assertiveness, immediacy, and direction. Yet, in the midst of clear danger, these leaders are oblivious to the dangers facing us today. They also both refuse to acknowledge the mistakes they have made; Obama fails to acknowledge radical Islam, and de Blasio refuses to face the fact that he has abandoned and maligned the men and women at the front lines of the people’s defense: The New York Police Department.

MORE: http://www.frontpagemag.com/2015/ronn-torossian/obama-de-blasio-now-is-the-time-to-lead/

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