Is President Obama an Active Sunni Muslim? by Dave Gaubatz


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13 Jan 2015

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Is President Obama a Sunni Muslim
By: Dave Gaubatz
13 Jan 2015

For several years I have been asked the question on the matter of President Obama being a Muslim or not. My standard answer has always been that since Obama’s father was Muslim, then in accordance with Islam he is Muslim. Did he leave the faith of Islam at some point? This is the question many of us have had. Of course if he left Islam then he would be considered an apostate.

I think it is time leading counter-terrorism folks and the media start giving clear and precise answers in regards to what their professional opinion in about Obama being a Muslim.

It is my analysis that Obama never left the Islamic faith and is a strong and active Sunni Muslim, but of course for political reasons he can’t openly admit he is Muslim. Obama is living true Islam: deceit and hypocrisy.

There are several key reasons I have come to the conclusion and can go on record that it is my professional opinion Obama is an active Sunni Muslim (Salafist). They are:

1. During the Presidential election in 2007 and leading up to his being sworn in to office in Jan 2008, Obama/His staff visited CAIR National in Washington DC on at least two occasions. I had two female researchers inside CAIR National when his team visited CAIR executives. They provided statements in regards to the above.

2. It is well known CAIR leaders are Sunni Muslim (Salfist/Wahhabe). The mosques CAIR sponsors/supports is Dar Al Hijrah Mosque in Falls Church, Virginia. Leaders from this mosque frequent CAIR national as well. This mosque is a strong Salafist mosque with close ties to Saudi Arabia. Muslims have told me they call this area the ‘Wahhabe Nation of America’.

3. Since Obama took office he has went above and beyond to support the Muslim Brotherhood and protect the reputation of Prophet Muhammed and the Islamic ideology.

4. It is no coincidence that Obama has invited Al Sharpton to the White House almost 80 times. CAIR National selected Sharpton as their ‘Man of the Year’. Since our book ‘Muslim Mafia’ was released in 2009, the FBI was directed to have no contact with CAIR because of their ties to Islamic based terrorism. Sharpton is now CAIR’s direct contact into the White House with Obama and Eric Holder (U.S. Attorney).

5. Obama’s foreign and domestic policies have always been more aligned with Sharia law than the U.S. Constitution.

6. Obama has had Muslim Brotherhood meetings and supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Eqypt. even the UAE has admitted CAIR is a terrorist organization.

7. Obama bows to the King of Saudi Arabia.

8. Obama did not attend the peace rally in Paris because the theme was targeted toward ‘Radical Islamic based terrorism’. Of course Obama could not support this because he does not feel the Muslims carrying out terrorist acts are radical. He believes they are carrying out the plans of Muhammed as Islam dictates.

9. Obama has released numerous terrorists from GITMO. Anyone with a basic understanding of national security knows these prisoners being released are a serious national security threat.

People will say that Obama is killing Islamic terrorist fighters in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, so if he is Muslim why is he doing this? People must understand the implementation of the Islamic caliphate will take many years. Muslims are taught from birth to support the progression of Islam, even through deceit and giving their life.

It is my analysis Obama has used the U.S. to attack Islamic terrorists for propaganda purposes. They are simply collateral damage for the betterment of Islam. Anything is allowed in Islam if it strengthens Islam and leads to the formation of the caliphate worldwide. It must be noted his attacks in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, are very limited and do little damage.

For many years the U.S. government provided me the highest clearances and paid me a good salary to analyze national security issues. Many of my classified reports were sent via the ‘Blue Line’ which meant they were briefed to the U.S. President. I had a solid track record of being on target with my security analysis inputs. I have no doubt I am correct when I go on record now as saying that President Obama is an active Sunni Muslim (Salafist). The next two years under Obama will be used to destroy America from the inside.

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