Towns banning sledding

 Towns banning sledding

Updated: Thursday, January 8 2015

(ABC News) – Outdoor activities get an extra dose of danger when snow and ice are added but now it’s gone too far for some towns that have decided ban a kid favorite: sledding.

Dubuque, Iowa is expected to enforce a ban that would keep kids from sliding down all but two of the town’s make-shift slopes in hopes of cutting down on injuries and possible liability claims against the city.

Sledding is just the latest pastime to come under fire, adding to the seemingly endless list of activities that are too dangerous for today’s youngsters. Here are some of the other activities that aren’t allowed anymore.


The American Academy of Pediatrics issued a formal report urging the ban on recreational trampoline use because the number of injuries had been steadily increasing for years.

Their report cited sprains and contusions as the most common injuries, only 27 to 39 percent of which took place when jumpers fell from the trampoline.

Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Birthday Cakes

Food allergies, and the sensitivities surrounding them, have become heightened in recent years to the extent that most parents of elementary school children avoid putting peanut butter in packed lunches.

Peanuts aren’t the only source of ire now, however, with certain school districts adapting their list to ban whatever other ingredients are the source of bad reactions, even if for only one child in the entire district. Eggs, soy, and wheat are some of the latest taboo ingredients, and sugar is now the subject of a growing group of health-conscious parents.

The Boone County School District in Kentucky is one such school, and their Burlington Elementary School does not allow food treats — like cupcakes or cookies — at celebrations. Instead, they encourage students and parents to bring non-food items like stickers, jump ropes or pencils to get the party started.

Snap Bracelets

This is going back a ways, but even though “snap bracelets” or “Slap Wraps” were popular in the 1990s, they were technically banned by many school districts throughout the decades.

The devices’ latest iteration has turned the dangerous connotations on its head, as reflective snap bracelets are now often used by bicyclists who want to keep their pant legs from getting caught in gears.

Keeping Score

The competitive element was too much for parents and certain sports leagues where bans against keeping tallies of score means that there are no winners or losers.

Critics see trophies for participation as the formalized acceptance of mediocrity, but supporters see it as a way to soften the blow for children who need not stress over unnecessary competition.

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