Revolution In America, by Robert Gore


What would it take to overthrow the U.S. government? The question may seem academic, but all governments fail. The U.S. government will too, for the usual reasons: its ever increasing size, rapacity, and attempts to control all aspects of life; the corresponding shrinkage of its constituents’ liberty; imperial overreach; welfare-state bread and circuses; debt; spreading poverty; crony capitalism, rampant corruption; widening income disparities, and oligarchic arrogance. As clearly odious as the government is, shouldn’t we do all we can to move it towards its inevitable rendezvous with failure?

Set aside the notion that the salvation of this creaky and corrupt monstrosity might come from the monstrosity itself. The recently passed Cromnibus (Continuing Resolution + omnibus—further corrosion of the once stately and beautiful English language into a leprous gargoyle) should lay to final rest the pitiably naive dream of Republican partisans that their “revolutionary” November victory would work…

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