Muhammad, Allah’s Messenger, stole Islam from Qusayy’s heirs.


Extract from:  Prophet of Doom

Qusai ibn Kilab ibn Murrah, Muhammad’s great, great, great grandfather, invented the 5 pillars of Islam as a mystic scam. On their own merits, the Ka’aba, Mecca, and Quraysh would be among the least important places and people on earth, for the world is awash in illiterate pagans, mud huts, and rock shrines. But as a result of Qusayy’s ingenuity and Muhammad’s bravado, they would become the raison d’etre of Islam. Mecca, the Ka’aba, and its Black Stone, would ultimately become freedom’s most fierce adversaries.

Muhammad, Allah’s Messenger, stole Islam from Qusayy’s heirs.

If the Islamic scripture is even partially accurate, Allah and the Ka’aba predated Muhammad by five generations. He didn’t invent them. Nor did he conceive the pagan rituals, fairs, holy months, fasts, prostrations, taxes, and pilgrimages that made these things worth owning. … The Bible was corrupted to give Allah, the Ka’aba, Mecca…

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