James O’Keefe: Ambushed!

Project Veritas
The art of the ambush has been largely lost by the modern media.

Undercover stings and ambush journalism on government, with few exceptions, just doesn’t happen anymore.

Why? I can’t answer that.

I can tell you that it’s not easy.

Here’s a quick “best of” video that shows our work over the years confronting a number of individuals with their own words and actions – an ambush.

I want you to watch this and put yourself in the shoes of the journalist.

You never know what’s going to happen. The likelihood of being threatened, arrested, and even assaulted are high.

All have happened to me.

And I can’t pretend I’m an unshakeable journalist who isn’t fazed by the natural fear that exists in these situations.

I recall sitting outside of the apartment building of a New Jersey school teacher who was previously caught on camera admitting that you essentially have to get caught committing a sexual act in a hallway to get fired.

As I waited to confront this former teacher of the year with her own words, my hands were trembling. I had to double clutch my microphone so she couldn’t see my hands shaking.

Experience has calmed my nerves over the years, but it just goes to show that journalists must force themselves past their comfort zone to produce news that the public deserves.

I don’t feel our journalism schools or media companies are driving journalists to do the difficult things that are necessary. They avoid confrontation and they repeatedly fail to speak truth to power.

That’s where Project Veritas comes in.

While our detractors try to label our techniques as unethical . . . in reality, we’re just old school.

Please take a look at our “best of” video that showcases many of Project Veritas’ ambushes in the past.

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Thank you again for all that you do and be on the lookout for our next investigative release.

More to follow,

James O’Keefe
Project Veritas

P.S. We put together a “best of” reel that shows our investigative ambushes over the years. Please watch it when you can and help us continue our work by donating today.


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