Did Nikola Tesla Live at Hammond Castle?

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Starting around 1912, the famed Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla began to suffer serious financial problems which he never fully recovered from. As a result, many of his projects, such as the Wardencylffe Tower, came to a halt and Tesla fell into a state of severe depression.

According to the book, “Secrets of the Cold War” at some point during Tesla’s financial struggles, his friend and colleague, John Hays Hammond Jr., offered to let Tesla stay at Hammond Castle in Gloucester, although the book doesn’t indicate when:


Hammond Castle

“Dr. John Hammond requested Tesla to be the permanent guest on his family estate. There, amid the family life of Hammond Castle, Tesla shared his dreams and technology. Together, he and Dr. Hammond developed the science of robots and remote guidance. Tesla, impoverished by the inhuman treatment wrought on him by the financial establishment, was nonetheless quite alive and valuable to those having singular ambition to dominate the world radio trade. For a very long time, Nikola Tesla was considered ‘out of circulation.’”

It is known that Tesla worked with Hammond on various projects together before World War I. According to another book about Tesla “Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla,” Hammond’s colleague Dr. Andrija Puharich stated in 1984 that many of Tesla and Hammond’s documents and papers from their various projects were taken from the castle after Hammond’s death in 1965 and classified as top secret.




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