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This is an old photograph of a cop in the ER that is currently making the rounds on Facebook.  If I remember the story correctly from when this incident happened, the cop was a defensive tactics instructor and figured he could take the bad guy with the knife.  I can’t remember how many stitches it took to close his wounds, but it wasn’t just a few. 

knife attack

About ten years ago a cop in the small town (pop 20k?) I grew up in had a disturbance call at the local WalMart.  He put the drunk and disorderly subject in the back seat of his cruiser, and ended up with nearly 100 stitches after the guy attacked him with a knife.

MORAL OF THE STORY:  If someone pulls a knife on you, shoot them to the ground.  That means shoot them and keep shooting them until they are on the ground.  Or…

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