BREAKING: FBI Confirms Possible “Islamic State” Plot in Major U.S. City

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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, better known as ISIS, has been actively recruiting and inspiring sympathetic Muslims and jihadists in the United States.
ISIS has vowed to eventually conquer America and has called for lone jihadists to launch attacks wherever they are at, using whatever means are at their disposal.

Now the FBI is warning about a possible ISIS terror plot in the heartland of America and the mid-south, according to the local Fox affiliate in Memphis.
The FBI bulletin warns that there is an active plot for an ISIS member or sympathizer to blow up the I-55 bridge that crosses over the Mississippi River, connecting the states of Arkansas and Tennessee.
“According to an anonymous complainant, as of December 2014, ISIS instructed an ISIS member, a presumed USPER (U.S. person) in Memphis, with a direct order to blow up the Memphis-Arkansas bridge on an unknown date, activating ISIS terror cells in the United States,” the warning reads.

“Although we received an anonymous threat, there is no actionable intelligence regarding an attack on the bridge. We take every threat seriously and whenever we receive a threat like this we take steps to inform all of our law enforcement partners,” said Supervisory Special Agent Joel Siskovic, spokesman for the FBI Memphis Division.
Memphis Police said that they are aware of the threat and have stepped up patrols around their end of the bridge. They also noted that there are surveillance cameras trained on the bridge 24/7.
While the Hernando DeSoto I-40 bridge connecting Arkansas and Tennessee in Memphis is one of the most highly trafficked bridges in the United States, the nearby I-55 bridge is also highly trafficked, serving as a major north-south artery and handlomg overflow and diverted traffic from the major I-40 bridge.
The Tennessee Department of Transportation estimates that some 56,000 vehicles cross the I-55 bridge everyday. However, an even greater risk is posed to the billions of dollars worth of commerce carried on barges on the Mississippi River, which travel underneath that bridge every day.
The FBI is asking for people to be on alert and to report any suspicious activity they see.

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