told ya it was on the way….Knife Rights fights against NYC blade ordinances

told ya it was on the way….

National knife rights group mounts appeal from second circuit, district court decision that dismissed their complaint against New York City officials who are allegedly, unfairly and unlawfully, prosecuting knife owners.
“Nothing city officials are doing has any impact on actual criminal activity,” said Doug Ritter, founder and chairman of Knife Rights, an organization formed in 2006 to combat an anti-knife agenda that seeks to restrict citizens of their right to own, use and carry knives. “This is about persecuting honest, law abiding citizens for carrying a simple pocket knife.”
Most knife attacks, including the most recent one at a synagogue in Brooklyn, are not committed with pocket knives; most are committed with large fixed-blade kitchen knives, he said. “The vast majority of people who carry the pocket knife do so because they use them – just like everyone else – they use the pocket knife as a tool.”
Nonetheless, prosecutions for the highest-level misdemeanor crime of carrying an illegal knife are on the rise, and according to a count provided by the Village Voice, there have been 60,000 prosecutions on this charge in the last ten years, he said. “Essentially it is the tenth most prosecuted crime in the city of New York today, and it is essentially a victimless crime because 99.99 percent of all the people that are arrested for carrying an illegal knife, are carrying a knife because that is what people do.”

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