WMD In Iraq and The Questions Not Being Asked

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I came across this post today in which the author is delighted to report that the New York Times has finally admitted that weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq years ago. He lambasted the NYT, however, for not also admitting that these facts justify Bush going to war in Iraq to save the world from the threat posed by these WMD.

But this is old news. Fox News, for example ran this story on 19, October, 2014:

Al Muthanna was known to be the nerve center of Hussein’s chemical weapons program, which was reportedly aided by western nations long before Operation Desert Storm. An October, 2000, report by the Federation of American Scientists identified it as a testing ground for Anthrax and Ricin. Although the chaos following the fall of Hussein in 2003 would seem to have made it essential that the secret bunker known as Dragon’s…

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