Tolerance in America & Mogadishu in Missouri


In the United States, we have the privilege of being incredibly safe. There are no routine bombings or insurgents forcing their religious beliefs upon us. However, we do face a very dangerous enemy in America. That enemy is named: Tolerance.

37895_story__AL-QAEDA-2222222Why do we not profile individuals at the airport? We have established a general profile for likely terrorist, yet we would rather enforce random screenings than profile individuals who would be most likely to conduct a violent act. However, it is not politically correct. So therefore, in order to not hurt anyone’s feelings, we must just say “fuck it” when it comes to our National Security. Then, when something does happen, people point the finger and say “how the hell did that happen?!”.

predator-firing-missile4Why are drone assassinations wrong? If we have the known location of a individual who is an enemy combatant and is guilty of committing acts of violence against the United…

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