OOPS! The #ISpeakOutBecause by Muslim Hashtag activists isn’t working out so well



ISIS terrorist rampages, beheadings, and waves of anti-Muslim fear-mongering have inspired a wave of online activism in the form of Twitter hashtags started by Muslims trying to paint a positive image for Islam. Apparently, the response isn’t what they expected.

Religion News  (h/t Logans Warning)  An army of “clicktivists” — a mix of earnest Muslim advocates  has entered the fray armed with 140-character positive, peaceful or humorous counter-messages. Using names such as #TakeOnHate, #IStandUpBecause, and #NotInMyName, the pushback approach promotes the complexity, diversity and positive contributions of Islam and Muslims.

Yet the hashtags are often immediately co-opted by people spewing an opposite message. 


The #ISpeakOutBecause hashtag campaign started by the Muslim Public Affairs Council. It began in August by inviting people on Facebook and Twitter “to tell the world why you are not afraid to speak out.” The Facebook page survived, but #ISpeakOutBecause has essentially devolved into a river of insults and denigration. For example:


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