Christian Worldview and Issues: UK High Court Allows Mother To Euthanize Severely Disabled Daughter

isalm.png Rise Of Islam

Is The Muslim Messiah The Biblical Antichrist?

According to Bible teacher, author, and documentary film maker, Joel Richardson, the similarities between the Islamic messianic figure, Mahdi (meaning Guided One), and the Biblical Antichrist are unmistakable, and deserve consideration by those watching for the appearance of this future world leader. …………. Click here for full story

couple.png Rise Of Islam

Observers Condemn Muslim Silence Over Murder Of Christian Couple In Pakistan

Rufin Anthony, the bishop of Islamabad, has denounced the culpable silence of Muslim leaders who have failed to forcefully condemn what is being called “the worst religiously motivated hate crime in Pakistan’s history”—the recent murder of a Christian couple in Pakistan ……… Click here for full story

chu.png Christian Worldview and Issues Secularism Grows As More U.S. Christians Turn ‘Churchless’

If you’re dismayed that one in five Americans (20 percent) are “nones” — people who claim no particular religious identity — brace yourself. How does 38 percent sound? That’s what religion researcher David Kinnaman calculates when he adds “the unchurched, the never-churched and the skeptics” to the nones………. Click here for full story

UK%20High%20Court%20Allows%20Mother%20To%20Euthanize%20Severely%20Disabled%20Daughter.png Christian Worldview and Issues

UK High Court Allows Mother To Euthanize Severely Disabled Daughter

The decision by a United Kingdom High Court judge to allow a British mother to legally euthanize her 12-year-old daughter, who was suffering from a host of non-life threatening disabling disorders, is drawing strong criticism from many disability advocates who say the decision sets a dangerous precedent that will allow guardians of other disabled people to do the same………. Click here for full story

ban.png Where Is The US In Bible Prophecy?

US School Bans Students From Praying Together

For the last three years, high-school senior Chase Windebank has been meeting with other students during a designated free period to discuss their Christian faith, pray and even sing together. However the assistant principal of Pine Creek High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has told the students it has to stop because it violates the “separation of church and state.”………. Click here for full story

microchip2.jpg Increase In Knowledge and Technologies

Man Embeds Computer Chips In Hands To Store Bitcoin

By implanting 12mm glass computer chips in his flesh Martijn Wismeijer has been able to store Bitcoins inside his body, create a personalised alarm clock and will even be able to install keyless doors in his home …….. Click here for full story

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