U.S. Soldier Blares National Anthem On Guitar Over Muslim “Prayer Time”

As the Muslim world continues to infect the world with their intolerant beliefs and further grace it with the killing of innocents, many view it as having worn out its welcome. Portraying just that notion to its fullest effect was a U.S. soldier who recently, during Muslim “prayer time,” decided to crank up the volume on his guitar amplifier and play perhaps the most badass version of the National Anthem ever heard.

In a truly exceptional show of American patriotism, the soldier, decided to act out against the religion that has disrespected the world so much during the recent days. Between the death of Major General Harold Greene – the highest ever ranking soldier to be killed by Muslim extremists – to the gruesome beheadings of American journalists Foley and Sotloff, this soldier decided to let Muslims know just what America thinks of its religion.

See Video and Read More: http://mrconservative.com/2014/09/49537-u-s-soldier-blares-national-anthem-on-guitar-over-muslim-prayer-time/

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  1. bigfootars says:

    Jimmy Hendrix would be proud.


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