MRC: 2014 Election Cycle: NBC: Possible Republican Midterm Wave = ‘Hold-Your-Nose Election’

Chuck Todd: Third Party Candidates Give Voters Excuse to ‘Vote None of the Above’ On Tuesday [A third party candidate will give the Demon-crats more offices!!]

On Friday, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd insisted that Tuesday’s midterm election seemed like a ‘hold-your-nose’ election and on Sunday’s Today, the NBC News Political Director threw even more cold water on the GOP’s chances of winning the Senate. Todd pointed out how he “ran into a bunch of voters that said I’m tired of the hold-your-nose vote. Forget it. I’m going to vote none of the above. I’m going to vote for one of these third party candidates.” MORE:

NBC: Possible Republican Midterm Wave = ‘Hold-Your-Nose Election’

As the chances of Republicans gaining control of the Senate in the upcoming midterm election remained high, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd appeared on Friday’s NBC Today to pour cold water on the possibility: “…definitely feels like a hold-your-nose election….talking to voters that I did, they’d like to punish the President’s party without rewarding the Republicans. And in many cases, they’re sort of sitting on their hands, they’re not sure what to do….They’re probably leaning against the President, but they’re not happy about it.” Fill-in co-host Hoda Kotb teed up Todd’s pessimism: “Now the President’s numbers are low, Congress’s numbers are low. Do you think people are actually going to want to go out to the polls, are they going to be holding their nose, picking the lesser of two evils? What are we going to see?” MORE:

Flashback: How the News Media Celebrated Democratic Win in ’06

On CBS This Morning: Saturday, the network’s political director, John Dickerson, warned Republicans that if they win the Senate on Tuesday, it will be on their shoulders to find a way to work with President Obama: “They’ve run an entire campaign on the idea that this person, the President in the office, is no good; now they’re suddenly going to have to work with him….After being the opposition party, you now have to show you can actually govern.” Looking back at 2006, the media weren’t wagging their fingers at Democrats warning that, if they won Congress, it was their job to become responsible partners for then-President George W. Bush. Instead, the media were rejoicing at the idea that an all-Democratic Congress could tie up the Bush administration with subpoenas, and even impeachment. MORE:

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