**72-Hours** Send this ‘Hard-Charging’ Marine to Washington

Send this ‘Hard-Charging’ Marine to Washington

This Marine Can FIRE Harry Reid
Help Send a Hard-Charging Marine to the Senate

Dear Paula,

Col. Allen Weh is a highly-decorated allen_weh.jpgU.S. Marine Corps veteran of Vietnam, the Persian Gulf War, and the American expedition to Somalia.

Although retired now, he’s still fighting for America.

In fact, he’s now on the brink of WINNING a major political upset in New Mexico.

Col. Weh’s victory alone could FIRE Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader, and scuttle the final 2-years of the Obama presidency.

His opponent is liberal Democrat Sen. Mark Udall, a loyal lieutenant in Barack Obama’s radical army to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”.

There could not be a greater contrast between the two.

Notoriously, Udall voted for Obamacare, but only after he lied to America with Obama about it.

Obama Lied: “If You Like Your Healthcare, You Can Keep Your Healthcare, PERIOD.”

Udall Lied: “If You Like the Insurance You Have, You Can Keep It.”

Later, Udall claimed he really didn’t have a chance to read the bill before voting for it.

Frankly, Washington politicians like Liberal Sen. Tom Udall should NEVER AGAIN be trusted to hold public office.

Col. Allen Weh can WIN this fight, but he urgently needs help.

As you can imagine, the Washington Establishment isn’t sending help.

So if you have the means to do so, please donate whatever you can today.

We need more men and women like Col. Allen Weh serving in the U.S. Senate

Col. Allen Weh is only 4-points down with less than 72-hours to go, according to the latest polls.

Help Send this Hard-Charging Marine to the Senate — Donate Here.

Yours for America,
Bob Adams
President & Founder

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