1 Department of Defense CBRNE Enhanced Response Force Packages (CERFPs) Fact Sheet



Department of Defense

CBRNE Enhanced Response

Force Packages (CERFPs)

Fact Sheet

There are 17 CERFP States: New York

, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, West

Virginia, Colorado, California, Texas,

Illinois, Missouri, Florida, Hawaii,

Washington, Virginia, Ohio, Georgia, Minnesota, and Nebraska.


When the first two HRFs are estab

lished, Ohio and

Washington will no

longer have CERFPs; Indiana and Alab

ama will become CERFP host states

to maintain the capab

ility and number of CE

RFPs units at 17.

CERFPs locate and extract victims from

a contaminated environment, perform

mass patient/casualty decontamination, an

d provide treatment as necessary to

stabilize patients for evacuation.

CERFPs are composed of existing Nationa

l Guard units on state active duty, Title

32 or Title 10 status, and are specially

trained to respond to a weapons-of-mass-

destruction incident. They must be ready to

deploy within six hours of notification.

CERFP Capabilities:

Each CERFP is composed of ~170 personnel.

CERFPs have a 6-12 hour response posture.

CERFPs are primarily equipped to de

ploy via ground transport to CBRNE

incident cites, but can be moved by air if necessary.

Medical Team 45

Search & Extraction Team 50

Decontamination Team 75

Total Personnel 170

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