Voting Machines And The Bamboozling Of America By Christopher Bollyn American Free 11-16-2

The fundamental problems presented by the growing use of insecure voting machines have been ignored by the U.S. mainstream media, which minimized the widespread failures of defective voting equipment during the recent election as having been caused by “glitches” and “gremlins.” “The vitality of America’s democracy depends on the fairness and accuracy of America’s elections,” President George W. Bush said as he signed Help America Vote Act into law on October 29. Judging from the numerous reports from coast-to-coast of serious problems with new voting machines, the “vitality of America’s democracy” appears to be in mortal danger. The Help America Vote Act allocated $3.9 billion in federal money to the states over the next three years to buy electronic voting machines to replace paper ballot voting systems. While Bush called the bill “an important reform for the nation,” in many states and counties where the new voting machines were used on November 5, serious problems cropped up during the voting and vote counting. While local newspapers have generally been diligent in reporting the voting problems, the national media minimized the “irregularities” by attributing them to “glitches” and “gremlins.” The election fiasco during the 2000 presidential election in Florida provided the political impetus for the sweeping voting reform act. This year Floridians in two of the state’s largest counties, Miami-Dade and Broward, used touch-screen voting machines made by Election Systems and Software (ES&S) of Omaha. On Nov. 6, the mainstream media reported that the Florida elections had been “an unqualified success,” according to David Host, a spokesman for the Florida secretary of state. While Associated Press reported, “Some touch-screen voting machines sputtered and crashed,” and “faulty programming” had “sidelined” others, the national media generally depicted the utterly unverifiable voting machines in a positive light. “Election Day passed with limited snags where electronic tallying made its general-election debut,” AP wrote on Nov. 6. “The closely watched contest for governor in Florida was decided without a hitch,” AP reported. The key election contest in Florida this year was the gubernatorial race between the president’s brother and Republican incumbent, Jeb Bush, and the Democratic challenger Bill McBride. READ MORE:

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  1. Florida always a mess. That voting hanging chad in 2000 was just the surface. In one district mostly Jewish, Pat Buchanan got 60,000 votes. The names did not match up will the hole punch columns making Gore votes actually Buchanan votes. Does it make any sense 60,000 democrat Jews would vote for Pat ? Gore won Florida. The latest in Miami Dade is absentee ballot fraud in huge Cuban community.


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